MASTERthese is a nonprofit run entirely by students for better math, reading, and science

MASTERthese is pleased to announce profits from sale of Smart Gear helps students

Please watch this video for a very important message regarding our education system and how you can help make it better.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If so, then this video is packing a huge number of words. It’s 2:36 minutes long, which is the same as 156 seconds long. The film rate is 29.97 frames per second. This calculates out to 4,675.32 pictures. Multiplying by 1,000 words per picture, we get 4,675,320 words. Clearly, there is a lot of important information in this video. Please have as much fun watching the video as we had making it — Ethan Sparks | MASTERthese