Basis of the MASTERthese Design


MASTERthese is a nonprofit run entirely by students for better math, reading, and science. In the initial nonprofit paperwork filed to form MASTERthese as a nonprofit corporation in the state of California, there are two main defining words: educational and charitable. The words by which MASTERthese is defined certainly cover a great breadth of territory, and indeed, that was the idea in the minds of the MASTERthese architects.

The founders of MASTERthese wished to avoid building an entity that would be just another stuffy education-based entity. So instead, they created an exciting “open source” entity in which members are free to contribute in creative (but tasteful and non-radical) ways that help students, teachers, and education in general. Although students can creatively design their own unique projects, students may also participate collaboratively in projects of the MASTERthese nonprofit or projects of other MASTERthese local chapters.