Purpose of MASTERthese


MASTERthese is a nonprofit run entirely by students for better math, reading, and science. Participants better these core educational areas by providing educational projects, programs, training, conferences, materials, contests, and more.

MASTERthese wishes to create the vision that students everywhere can learn, grow, and succeed in their education no matter what circumstances they face. MASTERthese raises funds to support this cause, and serves and supports students through service projects, free presentations, and inspiring stories.

MASTERthese change lives by providing opportunities for students to engage in 21st century innovation in STEM fields and host events in robotics, 3D printing, sound engineering, lightning fast technologies, bitcoin, web analytics, software engineering, solar/wind/water energy, environmental solutions, desalination, and cell research.

MASTERthese aims to increase popularity and participation in college STEM majors and STEM careers for ALL students, but particularly underrepresented minority groups and women.

MASTERthese recognizes that reading is a fundamental skill necessary to learning, and therefore provides support for reading at all levels.